High School First Aid Training

Are you ready for some learning adventure in school? Prove yourself as the best school girl and take part in Girl Scout program and learn first aid training! Stepping into role of Girl Scout medical training program could be tough, help her to make school emergency aid training expedient! Guide her to make first day at school easier and full of fun!!! Assist her in coping emergency situations. Perform multiple tasks as applying burn ointment, bandage, oxygen mask, CPR and much more to school students all in one in this medical training game!

Participate in all medical training of school to get the best first aid reward in school! Be the virtual school girl everyone relies on!

• Multiple challenging medical training tasks!
• Innovative first aid game features
• Addictive gameplay and smooth controls

Download this game and give us your reviews, so we can make more new school training games for you.

By Muhammad Janjua

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