ABCDE Approach

The ABCDE approach is used for performing an initial systematic assessment of any critically unwell or deteriorating patient, and intervening as necessary. Getting called to see unwell patients is part of the job of a junior doctor so it’s worth having a system in place! This method involves ordered examination, investigation and intervention, focusing on each major body system in turn. Any problems are addressed as they are identified with the patient being regularly re-assessed.

The aim of the ABCDE approach is to improve the clinical outlook of the unwell patient, with or without a definitive diagnosis.

This app summarizes the systematic approach of medical emergencies following the ABCDE approach.

Starting the Assessment:

– Consider safety first
– Infection Control
– Communication
– Visual assessment of the patient
– Consider privacy and dignity

The ABCDE approach:

Airway: Is the airway patent?
Breathing: Is the breathing sufficient?
Circulation: Is the circulation sufficient?
Disability: What is the level of consciousness?
Exposure: any clues to explain the patient’s condition?

The app is designed for medical professionals only. We cannot take any responsibility for the results, consequences and damage following the use of this app.

By Stefan Roobol

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