ATLAS Emergency Ready

Welcome to the ATLAS – Emergency Ready
This app was developed to give first aider immediate access to over 70 short “How To” videos. ATLAS – Emergency Ready App is always with you!

First Aid Categories
Our easy to use app is divided into six medical emergency types Unconscious ABC’s (Choking, CPR/AED, Rescue breathing etc.), Trauma (Broken bones, burns, head, neck and back injuries), Medical (asthma and breathing difficulties, allergies/anaphylaxis, seizures etc.) , Environmental (bites, stings, heat stroke and frostbite, hypothermia sunburns, Drugs / OD (Drug and Alcohol overdose, including opiates and Narcan) , Mass Casualty (Triage, and treatment guidelines).

Ease of Use
Each section is no more than 3 clicks away from the needed information.
All the content including the videos are installed in the initial set up the app is less than 100mb.

Immediate Action Buttons
These buttons give you instant access to further assistance without leaving the app
Search line – takes you treatment topics immediately
Call 911 – right from the App
Maps – to learn your location if needed,
Take a pic/video – save it to your Gallery
INFO – takes you to official links for more information before, during or after an incident.

Intended Audience
First Aid / CPR Course participants, high school, college and university students, industry-first aid responders, school medical response teams, Teachers, early childhood workers, security guards, sports coaches and trainers, parents and people traveling or camping and people who care about health and well-being.

While treatment protocols may vary from place to place, we have used the standards established by Health Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health, Emergency Health Services Branch – Pre-hospital Care guidelines, Ontario Ministry of Labour, International Liaison Consortium On Resuscitation, Heart & Stroke Foundation and American Heart Association.
This app supports the first aider in a medical or emergency situation and is not intended as a substitute for First Aid and CPR training. Get Ready Online Inc. encourages everyone to participate in First Aid and CPR training. In the event where a first aider is unsure of what to do, Emergency Medical Services (call 911) should be contacted.

By Get Ready Online Inc.

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