Bludog: Journey on the Appalachian Trail

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Ever dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail? Not sure what to pack or what to expect? Open the journals of thru hiker Bludog as he covers the preps, gear and attitude needed for a thru hike attempt. After a debilitating motorcycle accident a year earlier, does he muster the strength to get out of Georgia alive? One man, setting out on the world’s most popular trail. Follow along as he dodges snakes, bears and Japanese film crews; assists in car crashes and performs trail surgery on fellow hikers. A captivating journal describing the thru hiker lifestyle, trials and wonders known only to the small band of long distance wood travelers. An account of secret places, yellow blazes and great bars. Discover how life on the trail parallels your everyday life. Grab a beverage, a good spot on the couch, and slip onto the trail with Bludog, if only for a moment.

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